This provision applies only to customers who will propose the use of Alpha Sender to Telkomsel. For customers who do not propose the use of Alpha Sender to Telkomsel, simply send the identity card such as KTP or SIM. The provision for registration of Alpha sender to Telkomsel is as follows:

  • User must attach SIUP & NPWP and sign the terms and conditions to be able to use the Alpha Sender. For institutions or government agencies or private companies, which do not have SIUP, please contact us
  • Alpha Sender consists of at least 4 characters, at most 11 characters.
  • Alpha Sender authentication process takes approximately 7-14 days after we receive all documents. During this process, you still can send SMS to the Telkomsel Numbers with "SMS NEWS" Alpha Sender.
  • Document for Telkomsel, can be found here.