We provide you with our high latest technology. You can use Alpha sender ID such as your portal name, your name, or whatever you want as your sender ID.

You can broadcast bulk SMS to mobile users in Indonesia both GSM and CDMA network (CDMA not support Alpha Sender). For international destinations, you can send an SMS with Alpha Sender to GSM operators.

These service suitable for marketing campaign, billing notification, balance notification, transaction notification, CRM events, Emergency notification, etc delivering to club store, club member, employee, creditor of financial company/bank, customer of insurance, etc.

Some Bulk SMS Features:



  • Sender-ID can be customized (masks) with the name of the company rather than the regular +628123456789 long as that number will improve the image of the sender
  • Sending SMS via the Internet (can do alone), security & privacy
  • Able to send SMS in a very large amount. SMSManager current capacity 30-50 SMS per second or 150,000 ± Broadcast SMS per hour
  • Report / SMS delivery status.
  • Personalized SMS (send a broadcast with a message from text file)
  • Equipped with personal phone book
  • Does not require additional mobile phone device, install programs and other investment devices
  • Easy, effective and efficient
  • Serving all GSM operators, including Telkomsel (Indonesia).
  • More information please contact our Customer Support