Broadcast Bulk SMS to Indonesia



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Our service is addressed to those who seek the services of a cheap bulk sms sending in very large volume to Indonesia.

We deliver directly to the telecom operators with Numeric Sender ID, so that our service can reach all operators in Indonesia. We has experiences in providing bulk sms service since 2009..

  • Cheap

    The prices we offer are very competitive, because we are directly connected to the operator

  • Large Volume

    Able to send SMS in very large numbers. The current server capacity can serve more than 100,000 SMS per hour

SMS Gateway is simplest tool meant for an enterprise to go Mobile. SMSC works on the GSM Modem and connects with the database of the enterprise. The Simple Set of APIs then define the communication parameters and within no time the enterprise goes wireless. Customers can interact on the SMS and retrieve the desired information.

Who's using SMS Manager?

Insurance, bank, salon / Vehicle Workshop, Boutique, Distributors,Event Organizer, Hotel, Cafe / Restaurant / Entertainment, Retail / Shops Exclusive,Leasing / Financing Institutions, Hospitals / Clinics, Courier Services, Education,Logistics, Media Massa, Membership / Club, Multi Level Marketing, Real Estate,Beauty Salon / Spa, Showroom Cars, Travel Agency / Travel Agency and others.

What kind of SMS that can send?

Marketing promotion, employee bonus

Special event invitation, special programs, product launching, opening ceremony

Notification to the movement of stock, payment due

Holiday greeting / big, birthday, new year, happy anniversary,

The expression of concern, love / sorrow, etc.


Term of Service

1.Client using this service should be well-intentioned, to conduct a legitimate and legal business according to the norms and laws in force in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

2.Client forbidden to send sms for the purpose of crime, fraud, forgery, defamation, pornography, racial intolerance and terrorism.

3.Client are prohibited from sending text messages that can harm and disrupt the recipient of the SMS or other parties, both individuals and legal entities or institutions.

4.Client take full responsibility for negative impacts as well as lawsuits from other parties because of the content and procedure for sending SMS.